“We appreciate the extra care you gave Noah and the loving attention you give our pets.  It’s a comfort to know you were here when we couldn’t be at such a difficult time.  Thanks again for everything”

-Nick and Robin

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of our boys!  Your online notes really let us enjoy our vacation without worrying the entire time about our babies.  We will definitely use your services again and will happily recommend you to our friends.”


“Just wanted to express, once again, my gratitude for the care given to my “senior citizens”, I am so thankful they were in your care when Sega got sick.  The love and attention that you give my pets is beyond compare.  They watch out the windows for your next visit”


“Because you’re pet lovers you’ll understand how much you’ve meant to us and our boys. There are people who make a place ‘home’, who make lives easier, who look out for you, and who offer kinship and friendship in the process.  You have been all of that to us and more. There’s a big void that will be hard to fill when we move away and look for new pet care. Thanks for loving, tender care of our babies.  We’ll continue to sing your praises.”

-Cheryl and Jeanie

“Dear Leslie and Amanda, Thank you so much for your beautiful card. It touched me more than almost any card I have ever received, and I mean that sincerely. We live in a society that does not seem to recognize the special relationships we have with the dear animals in our lives. When we lose a precious family member (such as our Charley) I think the grief sometimes is harder to bear than losing a human family member because society does not think it is appropriate to grieve for animals.  Animals demonstrate unconditional love to us. Charley loved us unconditionally for 18 years and the loss of that sweet, angelic presence has caused such pain. Your card was so helpful to me – I have read it many times since receiving it yesterday. It has really helped.  Again, thank you so much.”



“Pet’s Choice has been the answer to my prayers for my special needs boy who requires medication  and attention daily while I’m at work.  I am thankful for the peace of mind knowing my boy is receiving gentle, loving care in my absence”


“We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for a sitter and will be happy to use you again next time we go on a trip.”

-Andrea and Matt

“Again, thank you so much for taking such good care of Roxy.  The sore on her lower belly is gone and the sore on her lip is almost completely gone!  She can’t wait to see you again!”