Our services

We're here for you and your pet's needs

Client Interview

We make every effort to bring your pet’s primary sitter to meet you!  Our meetings usually last about 1/2 hour and if a contract is signed with us at this initial meeting we will apply the paid amount to your first service.

Mid-Day Dog Walk

Our Mid-Day walks include exercise and a potty break as well as refreshment of water.  Walks usually equal twenty minutes and require a monthly contract/schedule.  Additional pet fees apply.

Vacation Visits

Our Vacation Visits include refreshment of food and water, a walk or playtime, companionship, and individual attention.  Home care services are complimentary.  Visits usually equal thirty minutes.  Our base Vacation Visit cost includes your first pet.  Additional pet fees apply.

Mid-Day Potty Break

For our clients with two or more scheduled Vacation Visits for that same day.  Does not include feeding or home care services.  Visits usually equal fifteen minutes.  Additional pet fees apply.

Commuter Comfort

For those last-minute-stuck-in-traffic occasions and other circumstances leading to a less than 12-hour notice for a single visit.  Includes refreshment of food and water and a potty break.  Visits usually equal fifteen minutes.  Additional pet fees apply.

Additional Pets

If you have a multiple pet household please call or email us for an estimate.

$3/Dog, $1/Cat or Small pet
Additional Time

If you would like a longer visit, just let us know!  Fee is in addition to visit cost.

$5/ 10 Minutes
Additional Travel Fee

For visits outside of our travel range.  Fee is in addition to our basic visit cost.

Holiday Surcharge

For each visit performed on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  Fee is in addition to our basic visit cost. 

Late Reservation Fee

For Holiday booking with less than 2 weeks (14 days) notice. Holidays included are Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Easter.



Includes oral medications easily given in food or a treat.  Fee is in addition to visit cost.

$1/Each time
Diabetic care/ Injections

Includes administering insulin and/or allergy vaccines.  Fee is in addition to visit cost.

$5/Each injection
Nursing/Wound care

Includes wound cleaning and care, fluids administration, feeding tube care (includes feeding, care, and cleaning), soaking, or any other involved nursing or wound care.  Fee is in addition to visit cost. **a special handling charge may apply if there is a high level of difficulty handling your pet.

$10/Each time
Transport & Wait Service

Includes transport of pets to and from Veterinary appointments, Emergency Service, etc.  **Does not include mileage charges or visit fee if applicable.

Errand Service

For simple errands within five miles of client’s home in addition to our basic visit cost.  **additional mileage charges apply after first five miles.

Snow Removal

For removal of snow/ice from walkways/steps during inclement weather during our visits.  This is in addition to visit cost. **this is not a service we offer alone but do out of necessity if client is away or at client expense if it has not been done prior to our visit. 

Key Exchange

For picking up/returning keys.  One return of keys is at no charge.